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Key Design Element - Lighting

Lighting is a key design element and serves both functionality and style. Lighting can not only illuminate the room but also create an ambiance or tone for the whole space, be that contemporary, transitional or traditional.

Every single selection has an impact on the space. The lighting may create a focal point in the room. In a recent project, Sedacca selected chandeliers and lighting fixtures that blurred the lines between art and lighting through impeccable glasswork. The fixtures cast ambient lighting throughout the space.

By day, large windows overlooking the water allow for light to stream in, but at night this lighting fixture will create a glow and illuminate the space with warm light.

Each project is different. By pulling from a variety of design resources, Sedacca is able to find the perfect lighting for each project. She focuses on the details and the result is a beautifully curated space that is personally tailored to each individual.

To get started creating your sanctuary, email us to set up a consultation.


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