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Headshot of Nikki Sedacca

Nikki Sedacca - Lead Designer

With over 35 years of professional experience in the arts, Curated Interiors SRQ is a natural outgrowth of Nikki Sedacca's lifelong commitment to the ever-evolving world of art and design. Curated Interiors SRQ not only redesigns beautiful homes but works closely with their clients to craft unique spaces. What sets Nikki apart is her willingness to collaborate, she brings her client's personal style into each project and craft a space with their flare and personality. 

Nikki’s background is in jewelry design and gallery development. Being that her mother was an Interior Designer, she’s always been surrounded by creativity. With a refined sense of color, light, texture, and pattern, she will integrate your own art and furniture collections with new designs to produce a fresh, personalized vision for your space. Nikki and her experienced team will help you achieve your design goals every step of the way specializing in: 

  • Space Planning

  • Room Design

  • Art Placement & Installation

  • Furniture Selection & Customization

  • Staging

  • Remodeling

  • Refreshing existing spaces

Whether she’s transforming a penthouse on the Gulf or updating a historic coastal home, Nikki works directly with a large personal network of local and nationally recognized artisan cabinet makers, skilled upholsterers, window treatment specialists, antique furniture refinishers, custom furniture fabricators, lighting artists, & other top industry professionals to provide personalized decor.

Nikki will transform your home into a luxe, energetic space with the flexibility to entertain and relax in a personally tailored environment. 

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