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Design Spotlight: Curves

There are three key elements to consider as a designer in beginning a new project. First, the particular needs and desires of the client. Then, the physical space with its constraints. Finally, how the furniture and various components will influence the mood of its owners. Nikki Sedacca has found that incorporating curves into her design balances the space by satisfying these key elements.

The new home for one of Sedacca’s clients has curves incorporated in its architecture. From several rounded windows and walls to arches leading into the hallway, this design project called for intentionally using curves to accent and highlight the existing structure. In essence, great design goes with the flow and natural movement of the space.

Additionally, the curved lines in the sofa compliment curves in the client’s glass sculpture of an abstracted wave. The graceful movement compliments the client's personality. The feelings associated with these undulations are calmness and harmony. This results in a sophisticated, welcoming space to call home.

Beyond this particular project, Sedacca will include elements with curves into most of her design projects. They bring not only a softness into the space but also create a sense balance between linear elements. Too many hard angles and there would be tension in the space. Curves create inviting spaces where both the owners and their guests will feel at ease.

From a simple rounded chair back to a circular table to open up the breakfast nook, curves are incorporated into each room, working with the space, and creating a timeless environment to be lived in for years to come.

To inquire about Nikki Sedacca’s services, contact us and let us know a little bit about your project.


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