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Curated Interiors in Fine Art Exhibition

The exhibition at 530 Burns Gallery, "Curating Your Sanctuary" merges fine art and luxury interior design. The show features statement paintings by gallery artists and custom furniture, all with the eye for design by Nikki Sedacca, owner of both 530 Burns Gallery and Curated Interiors SRQ.

There is a direct intersection of collecting art and interior design. The two are not mutually exclusive, rather they reflect the personal style of the collector or homeowner.

Nikki Sedacca has been a positive force for style, art and design in Sarasota for over 30 years, and we have continued to show extraordinary artwork by local and nationally acclaimed artists for the past ten years. She has thrived as a business owner through various economic turmoil. Her tenacity and commitment to staying not just culturally relevant, but also cutting edge, has allowed her to see new opportunities as they arise.

Sarasota continues to blossom, as we spend more time in our homes, making this exhibition all the more transformative.

In January 2020, just months before the start of COVID-19, Nikki officially launched Curated Interiors SRQ, full service interior design consulting. Through her years of experience in the industry, Curated Interiors SRQ seemed like a natural extension of her career. Though not a simple undertaking, Nikki has worked on a variety of projects including the penthouse of the Ritz-Carlton, a home overlooking the bay on Bird Key, and a home in Harbor Acres.

Her expertise is finding artisans and craftsmen, many local to Sarasota. She then creates custom furniture and art pieces for her clients' homes which allows Sedacca, and ultimately the client, control over the whole impact of the space.

Artist Anita Lewis exemplifies abstract artwork for the contemporary or transitional home. Her solo exhibition in March 2020 marked our final in-person opening reception, and the country locked down shortly thereafter. From this, we launched our online programming to share inspiration from the artist to the homes of many.

Artwork by Anita Lewis

Even amidst this unexpected change, Anita is one of the gallery’s top artists and this exhibition will show her perseverance and creative ingenuity in a new light.


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